Evaluation Process for reducing Town of Vail Wildfires


Evaluation Process


Each property owner will receive a notification prior to an evaluation being completed.  On the day of the evaluation a member of the Vail Fire Department will knock on the door and invite residents to participate in the evaluation.  If an owner wishes to be present during the evaluation they may schedule an evaluation time with the Vail Fire Program Manager by contacting them at 970-477-3475. Evaluations are conducted from a public right of way (unless previously authorized by the property owner) and only features visible from the road will be evaluated.  After the evaluation is completed the property owner will receive notification that the evaluation has been completed along with a unique property identification code.  The owner may view their evaluation at www.vailwildfire.com using the unique property code.   Vail Fire is available at any time to discuss the evaluations or provide additional information on ways to reduce your risk from wildfire.


Wildfire Risk Assessment Example

Once your property has been assessed you will use the code provided to you on the homepage of this website and it will generate a unuqie report that looks like the following sample.  It will highlight your address, and then the rating of each categorical option with a distinct arrow for which your property falls in. 

sample wildfire assessment report


Sample Evaluation Report

Review a sample property evaluation report that a Town of Vail property owner will receive.


Evaluation Map

Review the Curbside Wildfire Hazard Assessment Schedule from Vail Fire and Emergency Services.