Evaluation Process for reducing Town of Vail Wildfires


Wildfire Risk


The Town of Vail was developed in an ecosystem that has evolved with wildfire.  The ecosystem depends on periodic wildfire as a way to clean and restore the natural landscape. Because of this it is impossible and irresponsible to exclude all wildfires from the natural areas which the town was built in.  Instead, the community must learn to live with wildfire.  Like the ecosystem, the community must become wildfire adapted.  To accomplish this the community must do many things including; building homes and businesses less prone to catching fire, strategically reducing fuel available for a wildfire to consume around the community, ensuring that residents, guests and businesses are ready to leave in the event a wildfire threatens the community, and having a plan for how to repair damage a fire can cause to the community and the surrounding ecosystem.  Reducing the risks of wildfire to the community is everyone’s responsibility.

Fire-Resistant Landscaping.PDF

Fire-Resistant Landscaping Plant Recommendations.PDF